Laser Engine is an application that generates a spline with motion that is intended to be complex enough to be fascinating to watch. The goal is to associate this display with music but the development is on hold until I determine how I want to do that. I want to avoid simple reflection of frequency/volume analysis which is more of what Windows Media Player and other music visualizers offer. This type of visualizer isn’t really meant for primary entertainment but more as some background visuals that don’t clash with the music. I want to develop something that can be coupled with music to form a show with both visuals and audio.


The left gif is the preview that is shown on the laptop running the application. The control points and their headings are initialized randomly so no two instances are likely to look the same. The right gif exposes more of the framework controlling the spline. See the github page for more information.


Videos of the laser in action weren’t turning out so well but timelapse pictures of the spline moving ended up looking pretty cool.